Thursday, June 22, 2006

What is your dirty little secret?

Talk about voyeurism in the extreme. Check out this sight that gives you insight into strangers' inner most thoughts and feelings.


This is a guy who recieves postcards in the mail on which people have written their deepest, darkest (sometimes funniest) secrets giving him permision to post them on the internet for all to see.

If you've seen The All-American Reject's music video for their song "Dirty Little Secret" then you've already seen some:

"I don't think my fiance is THE ONE."
"I feel like a failure everytime I eat."
"I only love 2 of my children."
"I pee in the sink."

I encourage you to check out the video, which you can do easily here. And definitely look at the site. Currently it has a Father's Day theme and I don't see a way of looking at older postcards so I for one am going to RSS it so I don't miss out on even one postcard displaying somebody's inner self....who knows, it could be yours.


4WD said...

I wish i had more dirty secrets

The Tattoed Librarian said...
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The Tattoed Librarian said...

4WD, do you really? Maybe the site will let you borrow some.

Eva G. said...

I love that blog! It just shows the raw, human emotions that only anononymity can bring.

Kostya the Bear said...

Hey, yea thank you for looking at my blog. How did you find it??? NELP was amazing, and it really affected all of us very deeply, as you may understand. I will post the new pictures fairly soon. Maybe within a week or 2. Yea Alistair and Kevin are former NELP students who actually went together. I'm glad to have heard from you, check back!