Monday, July 24, 2006

I Hate Hypocrisy

I was flipping channels last night sometime after midnight and landed on a news program. The reason I stopped, I don’t normally watch news, was because it showed a clip of Bush talking about his veto of some stem-cell research bill based on saving the morality of this country. In order to educate the lay-man who doesn’t really even know what stem-cells are, much less why it’s important to study them, he interviewed a scientist from Stanford. She was very good at explaining with out big scientific words the basics. One thing she mentioned was the possibility of using embryos that are left over from invetro-fertalization processes. Which Bush already allows. When a woman can’t get pregnant on her own she goes to a doctor who harvests her eggs and her partner’s sperm and combines them outside of their bodies. They make a bunch of embryos and implant some back in the women’s uterus and save others incase those few don’t take. Sometimes they have to do it more than once and sometimes they don’t. Either way, there tend to be some extra embryos.

Now, according to this anchor, who said himself that he believes conception is the start of life, it seems immoral to create life in order to destroy it which is what stem-cell research is aiming to do. But what about this process of creating many embryos in the hopes you get pregnant with one child. What happens to these other embryos which, according to conservative Christians are still human life. Do we keep them frozen forever? What about the “inferior” ones that the doctors don’t think are going to survive in the womb anyway and so never bother to even consider implanting them in the mother?

There are people in this world who are so Pro-life that they will picket a women’s health clinic because they refer patients, or perform abortions, but I’ve never heard of them standing outside an infertility clinic crying out for those embryos right to live.

Further hypocrisy that makes me sick is the idea of the number of people, many Christians, in this country who vote Republican purely because they are “Pro-life,” yet completely ignore the fact that Republicans are for the death penalty. Or how about the “Pro-lifers” who vote based on abortion, and therefore voted for a President who sent us to war that has caused hundreds of deaths?

According to Bush, and many others: "my view that human life is precious, and should not be exploited or destroyed for the benefits of others." —Bush, March 22, 2002
Yet he says: "I was asked, 'Do you support the death penalty?' I said I did, if administered fairly and justly. Because I believe it saves lives." —Bush, Oct. 17, 2000
Apparently life is only sacred and shouldn't be destroyed until it’s out of the womb. Then it can be murdered or tested upon with no side effects to the conscience.

“If War is Right, Jesus is Wrong”—bumper sticker (thanks to a friend for telling me about it)

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